In this paper 18 experts from all over the world give their opinions on Corporate Social Responsiblity in non-western countries.

'Corporate Social Responsibility: Perspectives from the South'

18 experts from all over the world met during the CSR Worldwide week in November 2004. They were invited by the Dutch MVO Platform and shared their knowledge and experiences on CSR in the poorer parts of this world. CSR is a global issue and experts call on the governments of the European Union to acknowledge this and act upon this in their CSR agenda.

The purpose of the CSR Worldwide week was to introduce the Southern visions on the concept of CSR to Dutch Multinational corporations, civil society organizations, policy makers and the general public. The event was linked to the EU Conference on CSR organized by the Dutch Government (Maastricht, 6-9 November 2004).

‘CSR: Perspectives from the South’ is written in English, and includes a French and Spanish translation.